Schoms - Gripe of the Week

I decided to put my patent-pending, award-winning "Gripe of the Week" (GOTW, for those that have to have an acronym for everything) in blog form.

GOTW History

It started off during our weekly Actuarial Status Update Meeting. We would go around the room talking about what we were working on and what was upcoming. At the end of one of my updates, I griped about how Kemps took away my chocolate milk (I used to drink chocolate milk during lunch nearly every day). While I simply told the story to add some humor to the meeting, the very next week, the group asked what I'm going to gripe about THIS week. And voila.. there you have it... the start of the Gripe Of The Week. Co-workers were actually looking forward to my stories each week.

It's not that a new gripe will come out each week -- sometimes it will be more and sometimes there will be none at all. Whenever I feel there's something about which to write.

Most of the entires, while gripes, are written slightly (or in some cases, largely) exaggerating how much it bothers me. You'll probably be able to tell which ones bother me more because they'll be longer and probably contain fewer joking comments than the others.

So enjoy the readings, and add your two cents in the comments section added to each blog. If you don't feel like leaving a public comment, you can always give me your comments on Facebook or by e-mail:


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