08 Jan

I've warned you Big 10...

Well, it was a good run. Yes, yours truly is a Golden Gopher, but that doesn't stop me from griping about what the Big 10 has done with the conference.... again!

Most know that the Big 10 is anything but -- having 11 teams in it. Because of that, the logo was modified in 1990 to reflect the addition of Penn State, adding the 11th team. The current logo contains a somewhat-hidden "11" in the middle of the logo. (see below)

The current Big 10 logo with the

Starting next year, they are adding Nebraska. Yup, now the Big 10 has 12 teams in it. 12. Yes, 12. Every conference in the NCAA seems screwed up now, because most of the big-name teams from the legacy Big 12 are now moving to other conferences. Here's the new Big 10 logo. Who the hell came up with this?!?! What's the point with having a 1 as an "I" if you're not going to follow it with a 2 somewhere?

New Big 10 logo, whose design was pulled out of the trashcan.

I warned the Big 10 back in 1990 that if they screwed around with the Big 10 again, I'm not going to take it anymore. Hey, it's the traditionalist in me! I don't like most forms of change. I still call Dayton's, Dayton's. I will always call the MSP Airport, the Lindbergh terminal (Don't get me started with Terminals A & B). Century Courts will always be called Century Courts, even though they changed to Huntington Place/Point to try and clean up the image (and now, they took a bulldozer to the entire complex!). Somehow, Wells Fargo got me to stop referring to them as Norwest Bank!

Of course I know the Big 10 isn't going to listen to me, and I know they don't really care either. So, soon, I'll take the passive-aggressive approach and cancel DirecTV so that I'm not paying for the Big 10 Network.

Hey, I've got a great idea... let's start our own network so that cable/satellite channels will be forced to pay for our games, 'cause revolt will happen if they don't!

What a concept. See what's happening? With all these specialized networks, customers now have to pay for Big 10 (Gophers), NFL Network (select football games), Versus (select NHL games)... I could go on and on. The games which are now carried on these specialized networks have been on Fox Sports Net/ESPN for years! You think cable/satellite companies are going to absorb the costs these networks are charging? D'ok...

So that's it... I'm not watching any Big 10 anything anymore. Will I go to a Gopher event again? Yeah, if it's either a Gopher hockey game OR I somehow get a free ticket to a Big 10 event. See ya Big 10! No stupid network for me!

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