06 Mar

A punny commercial that quickly wears thin

It's sometimes important and beneficial to put humor in commercials. Done correctly, it gives a reason to remember a commercial -- even on a product for which you have no interest. After all, Bud Light's "Real Men of Genius" commercials have withstood the test of time and are talked about at family Thanksgiving get-togethers and water-coolers!

Puns within commercials is one way to do insert some humor into commericals, but it's hard to pull off without someone rolling their eyes, because puns are usually lame. And nothing tries pulling this off more than U.S. Bank's latest commercial on their Rate Reduction Loan. Have you heard it on the radio yet? It touts a declining interest rate for good payment history:

Idiot Lady 1: "... you look great, did you lose rate?"

Ok, cute so far. Kinda fun, quick pun: rate = weight. It would be kinda funny if they just left it here and touted the benefits of the Rate Reduction Loan. But no, U.S. Bank is clearly a risk-taker:

Idiot Lady 2: "... come to think of it, my husband could stand to lose 10-15%"

Oh for the love... why does it have to be the husband that has to lose weight? Oh yeah, that's right, because if it was the wife that had to lose weight, we'd have every women's radical group up in arms about "female weight stereotypes in today's society." Therefore, let's just say the guy needs to lose weight... yeah, they won't care. Plus, why do they need to make a joke about weight? In this sensitive society we live in, I'm surprised that NAAFA (National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance) hasn't raised bloody hell yet.

But it goes on...

Idiot Lady 1: "Look at you! You've lost rate!"

Alright, that does it. You've already used that one before... twice! I just haven't typed out all the damn puns in this blog. Damn, even David Letterman doesn't beat his jokes into the ground this badly! Just stop the damn commercial now... but oh, no... we could only wish. U.S. Bank clearly thinks it's cute to abuse the pun:

Idiot Lady 2: "Yup, I'm a lean, mean, rate-loss machine!"

That's it. Not only is it not even remotely funny anymore, but now you've got a 0% chance of me ever thinking about getting OR referring your product. You've pushed all my buttons to a point where I'm now officially going to turn the channel when I hear it again.

Hey U.S. Bank, I've got a rate pun for you: How about I kick you in the nuts, you can fly a kite, and take your commercial [under]writers with you. It only took one time hearing your commercial, and now I'm already sick of it.

I know I already said I would turn the channel if I heard it again. But because I can't remember EVERY pun line they use in there exactly, I only listed the ones I remembered. Therefore, I might try and record it if I can, JUST so I can make sure I put every stupid quote in this blog. Plus, for those that haven't heard it yet, you will be able to hear how terrible it is. We'll see if I can get a copy of it...

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