29 Mar

Nick Punto is CLEARLY underrated

When it comes to getting rid of individuals who end up landing on a different team and then winning a championship, there is no better example of this "success" than your Minnesota professional sports teams.

Tony Dungy

Kevin Garnett

Mike Tomlin

A.J. Pierzynski

Brian Billick

et al...

And the latest one to add to the list, clearly, will be.............. Nick Punto. Yes, I said it. Ol' Nicky is the hidden gem, well, at least that's what one website says. Check out the following from athlete.com

Nick Punto?  

That's right... under status it says "Very Good." Don't think about it for longer than 3 seconds, or your head will burst. Fight the urge -- don't let your brain TRY and figure this one out, or you'll go crazy.

They said "Very Good."

Um, I understand Gardy (nickname for Twins manager Ron Gardenhire) loved this guy for whatever reason and was basically a Punto apologist, so that must have been where this particular website got its official status label. That, or the fact that Punto hasn't been sent down to the minors for any length of time to try and fix that .237 batting average over the last 4 years. Or perhaps it's because he was included with 3 others as "The Piranhas" and heaven knows you can't easily get rid of anyone with a nickname... you've got to pay them!!!

I mean, the athlete.com website must be run by Nick Punto or something. I mean, give me a reason how you can call someone "Very Good" when they sign a contract with a contending team (St. Louis Cardinals) for a mere $700,000. (Athlete.com must not have updated their records yet, as he no longer plays for the Minnesota Twins -- as if that's the only thing that needs updating!) When was he EVER very good?

So that's what this gripe is about. Just the fact that you find something on the web, and give reference to it, doesn't mean it's right. There's a thing about "credible source"... clearly, this one isn't it. Any slap-happy can create their own website and tout anything they want. But this goes beyond anything that is believable. Vegetarian Piranha Blog... eat your heart out with this one!

"Oh Schoms, you're just jealous that you aren't a professional." - Yeah, you're right. :::rolling eyes:::

"He wouldn't be on a professional baseball team if he wasn't good" - Damn are you naive! Be objective for the first time in your life! There's guys waiting in the minors batting close to .300 with nearly as good defensive skills just wanting a chance to breathe major-league baseball air making jack-squat while this hunyuik steals over $10,000,000 over the last 3 years from the Twins. (and I know that's the fault of the Twins). Remember, even on a team of professionals, there's still one "worst player." Ol' Nicky would that that player, though his past salary would say otherwise.

So clearly, because he was paid so much, and because athlete.com says he's very good, chalk this up as another mistake of a Minnesota professional sports organization. Add Nick Punto to the list of major impactful players that will likely go on winning a championship after we let him go. We'll look back at this and shake our heads, sulking "Why, oh why did we let him go?"

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