17 Jun

Are they real or fake?

I was super-eager to try the new McDonalds Strawberry Lemonade. I love strawberry lemonade drinks after all.

I'd like to include myself in the list of those who are super-disappointed...

The frozen lemonade part was good, but it was the strawberry "additive" that ruined it. And the thing that irritates me is that their commercial says "with strawberries".

Uh, no. No STRAWBERRIES. Not strawberries.

Not chopped up strawberries.

Not pureed strawberries.

Not anything strawberries.

It's a faux-strawberry slime that doesn't taste anything like natural strawberry. As a matter of fact, if my life was dependent on guessing what it actually was, I would bet it's the packets of strawberry jam that they give out with breakfast. They've got to blow through the unused inventory before they finally hit their 8-year shelf life.

I should have been cautious when I saw the abundance of liquid swirl at the bottom.

Stop marketing it as "with strawberries" -- it doesn't help. It raised the bar, when in all actuality, I couldn't have jumped over this bar if it was sitting on the ground.

Super-tangy lemonade with a blah strawberry mix. It just didn't work for me. Major Corvette Bummer. I have a coupon for a free small strawberry lemonade (no purchase necessary) which will just sit and expire.

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