30 Jun

No wonder there's such a thing as the "DO" campaign

Perhaps you've seen the commercials for Blue Cross Blue Shield's "DO" campaign -- featuring what would be classified as a slightly-overweight male constantly doing The Hustle, churning butter, doing the sprinkler to a background tune which sounds like a combination of Jamaican instrumentalists and 69 Boyz ("Woof Woof").

The point of the commercial is to promote activity -- to keep yourself moving instead of sitting around. For example, the next time Joe Mauer goes 0-5 with every at bat resulting in a ground ball to 2nd, instead of cussing and yelling at the TV from on your couch, be standing up and give a nice boxing punch to your TV.

So no better activity seems to violate this "DO" campaign than... your elevator rider.

I work on the 10th floor of my building. I make sure that at least once a day, I make a trip UP the 10 flights of stairs. It's good for me.

But recently, I was on the elevator, going to lunch (which is on Floor 1). Doors close. Start going down. Elevator stops on 9. Woman gets in, quickly... and I kid you not, pushes the 8 button. Doors open on 8 and she races out of the elevator.

Yes, that sound you heard was my jaw dropping.

Then, that very same day, one of the people that got on the elevator with me on the first floor pushed the "2" button. Earlier in the week, another person got on the elevator on the 6th floor and went to 5.

What the hell people?! I mean, I get that there are people with bad knees and all, but the way these people were booking around with their Smartphones, there's no way this was the case.

Let me give you a little details on the building layout. There's a set of elevators in the middle of the building, with an nice open stairwell adjacent. Also, on both sides of the building, there are secure stairs. As I mentioned above, I take the stairs regularly. It takes about 10-15 seconds to go down one flight.

So my question to you one-flighters -- do you think elevators are quicker? Sure seemed like you were in a hurry. How much time is wasted waiting for an elevator?

And as one of my colleague's mentioned -- you've got gravity going with you!

Must be because you're in your fancy attire... if you're sweating going DOWN one flight of stairs, you've got more problems than just getting your clothes soiled with perspiration.

10-15 seconds.

Come on people... really, come on!

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