08 Jul

All trailer, but no park

Apologize for the delay this week. This is going to be a short one today, and I just experienced it not a half-hour ago TWICE (two separate occasions)

1. Travelling behind a truck pulling a trailer. Trailer was very wide, so you couldn't see the truck's taillights. (only reason I knew it was a truck is that it eventually made a turn, so I could see it). I was travelling at a fairly high rate of speed (legal though!) about 4-5 carlengths behind -- plenty of room. Suddenly, I find myself catching up to them fairly quickly. I'm not sure why though, because I don't see any brakelights light up on the trailer. Very quickly realized that it must be because he's stopping/slowing down and his lights don't work. I hit the brakes with plenty of room to spare, but nonetheless...

2. Travelling behind a car (yes, a car) pulling a trailer with an off-road vehicle on it. Car is making a right turn and I can see that the car's right turn signal is on. However, the left turn signal is illuminated on the trailer, with no brakes lighting up [on the right side]

What the hell people?! Rule #1 (and don't make me look up the MN Statute number on this one): If you're towing something... in this case, a trailer, MAKE SURE THE LIGHTS WORK. IT'S THE LAW!

Oh, they work... they just did yesterday

Specious reasoning. Sure it might have, but you aren't towing something yesterday, you're towing something now. My incadescent light bulb worked one day and the next day it burned out. These things happen to light bulbs.

Eh, I attached the wires already, and they always work

What a stupid way of thinking. What if the contacts aren't just right... they won't light up. It's happened to me once. They're finicky sometimes. Simply reattaching the wires solved the problem.

There's nobody there to tell me if they work, while I press the brake pedal/turn signal/etc.

Blah! No excuse... I use a 2x4 to hold down the brake pedal while I go and check the lights before every use. You can use any household item -- a broomstick/whatever -- instead of a 2x4. No excuses!

You ignorant drivers, visit your proctologist if you're searching for your head. Use your brains please. This is yet another reason why accidents happen!

Oh, and that stupid car pulling the trailer whose opposite blinker came on when making a right turn... cars were really not mean to haul trailers -- especially your dinky Escort-sized vehicle. Invest in something decent instead of that POS wiring job that you had on that trailer.

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