15 Jul

Could we not add ONE little sentence to it?

So my iPod Touch 4G went dead earlier in the week. Plug it in... nothing. Try hitting the power button... doesn't even give you the lightning bolt "feed me" indicator. So I checked out the only instruction booklet that came in the iPod Touch packaging -- the Finger Tips.

What a worthless sheet of paper, and I do mean "sheet" of paper. It's basically a 4" x 8" sheet of paper folded up, with random things that even a newborn could have figured out on their own. Here's the home button. Here's the volume button. Here's how you touch the screen with your finger. Good grief, there's only 4 buttons on the damn thing, how hard could it be to figure out?

So heaven forbid they put anything useful in it.

Like for example, if anything should go wrong. I mean, with only 4 buttons and no screws to get inside of the machine, there's only so much you can do, right?

No instructions regarding troubleshooting, so I just started hitting every combination of buttons. Nothing worked. Left it plugged in for 1 whole day to see if that helped. Nothing. Held down combinations of buttons for 10 seconds at a time (online site mentions holding for 10 seconds or something like that). Nothing, so I brought it into the Apple Store.

To avoid having some elitist, nose-up-in-the-air, I'm better than you brainiac male look at it, fix it and then hand it back to me without telling me what happened or what they did, I ensured that I went to a woman inside the store.

Found a very nice and helpful lady. I told her the story, and after testing some basic things, she said "I think you'll have to do this..." Ploop... the Apple logo appeared. All is well.

"How did you do that?" I asked. Her response: If there's ever a power surge or some other issue causing the iPod to shut down, you just have to hold the two main buttons down.

"Oh, but I did that!"

"How long did you hold it down?"

"At least 10 seconds... that's what it said online."

"Oh, you need to do it a lot longer than that! Usually it's at least 30 seconds, but can be up to a minute!"

Some information that would have been HELPFUL to add in your little Finger Tips thingy, Apple. Let's go further than that... why not say something that's important in your online manual? Heaven knows that would have been asking too much. Damn though... I should have known to modify (ignore) the online advice and hold it for much longer than 10 seconds. I skipped the entire first semester of Psychic Ability 101 in college and now I'm regretting it.

They must have left this important information out of their documentation because nothing ever goes wrong with Apple products, so why should we bother with including troubleshooting tips? Maybe it's because they're a green company and try to limit the amount of paper they use for packaging? Oh really? Well then why are those dumb Apple logo stickers in there? 'The hell are we supposed to use them for?

And like I said earlier, the Finger Tips didn't help me at all. I didn't have one ounce of knowledge of how an iPod worked, yet when I walked around in the store and used one, I didn't need any assistance. I figured out how to use the camera, I knew what the volume buttons did, and I knew how to power down ALL BY MYSELF. IT'S NOT THAT HARD!

Put something useful in your instruction manual. One simple sentence -- maybe two at most, is all I ask. Perhaps leaving out useful information is another way to get you back into the store?

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