12 Aug

Surely IHOP will eventually come out with better syrup!

Only been to IHOP one time. 5 years ago. Gave IHOP one more chance, to see what's changed in the 5 years. Outside of their prices, and some dish with chicken fingers on top of pancakes, not much else.

Food is good (slightly more expensive than I would have thought for breakfast-type food, but that's not the point). Of course, I had to get something that came with a stack of pancakes -- after all, it's IHOP.

But there's one thing that unfortunately hasn't changed... their syrup.

If you've ever wanted to find something thinner than water, you've found it.

If you've ever wondered what water with a touch of sugar and food coloring tasted like, you've found it.

If you've ever sought 4 different syrups that all somehow tasted the same, you've found it.

And I learned my lesson last time... try the syrup before you smother your pancakes with it. And upon sitting down for this visit, I noticed a new flavor -- boysenberry! (My favorite -- from Perkins). Hey, we might have a chance here! IHOP can totally redeem themselves!

So I poured a small sample on an empty plate. Visually, nothing has changed from 5 years ago -- runny as hell. Maybe I can deal with it though, if it tastes good. The verdict: The syrup was so horrible, I decided to forego all syrup and just eat my pancakes... with only butter :(

What a crock. I guess if I ever visit again, I'm going to have to bring my own bottle of syrup. That, or siphon a couple of bottles of Perkins' boysenberry syrup in my black trenchcoat, a la the Chi Chi's guy with the salsa.

Categories: Gripe