10 Sep

Alright cops, listen up!

"To Protect, To Serve"

B, with a capital S

Eden Prairie, this is for you.

Last night, I'm coming home from being at work late. It's dark out. Waiting at a stop light. Light turns green, so I proceed to enter the intersection and realize there's a car coming that isn't stopping. I hit the brake and watch him go right through the intersection.

Then, couldn't have been much more than 3 minutes later, I watched a pedestrian almost get hit crossing IN THE CROSSWALK with the right-of-way (even though they always have the right of way, technically).

I get on the freeway (494) and what do I see up ahead? Two cop cars just sitting there waiting for some sucker to be caught speeding.

Of course I get mad at excessive speeders, but cops' slogan shouldn't be about Protecting and Serving, but rather "Being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

No I didn't get pulled over (for the record, I was doing 58 in a 60)... I'm talking about the fact that it always seems that when something legit is worth catching, the police are never there. Why is that? Well, that is until it involves you... then it always seems like they're in the right place (for them).

Catch the people running massively-red lights and causing head-on collisions or sideswiping accidents. THERE, you're protecting.

And I know that we can't have a cop sitting at every intersection... that's not what I'm saying. But it's certainly better than two cop cars just sitting on a freeway road doing virtually nothing. I'm not condoning speeding, but it causes less accidents than running red lights. Why do you think 169/81 in Brooklyn Park was among the top 10 worst intersections in America in terms of accidents? Why do you think they acted so quickly to get an overpass over that intersection?

Be in the right place at the right time for once, that's all I ask!

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