16 Sep

Rain rain come this way

Rain already!

We need it.

After a wetter-than-normal summer, our meteorologists are chomping at the bit to tell us how dry it is out there. You got Mr. Douglas LEADING OFF the weather with how wet it was... 32nd wettest on record since 1891.


So if you're trying to contract how dry we've been with how wet it was in the summer.... Ok, first off, we've got oh, let's see... (2011 - 1891) = 120 years that have passed since 1891, and of that, we experienced... the 32nd greatest..... amount of rain............... which isn't even in the top 25% of all time? And we're supposed to care about this? Get back to me if we're in the top 10 or something.

Look, if you're writing the weather almanac or something, fine. But that's not what's going on.

A lack of rain makes things all brown, which sucks. It's already dreary enough being between seasons. And I'll bet it'll start raining when I'm about ready to rake up the leaves. Never fails.

Just don't rain when it's 30 degrees out. I hate it when it snows then melts, then snows, then melts. Pick a weather type and go with it.

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