17 Oct

A Marketing Gimmick Not So Sweet

So October 15th has come and gone. Big deal, so has October 14th and 16th and every other day of the year. So what's the significance? Well, I intentionally held off writing this as to not give any mention to Sweetest Day, the dumbest, most overrated non-holiday that ever was.

Let's see... how can we bilk millions more from the public? Hey, I got it... let's invent another love holiday! Yeah, and if we do it right, it will be another holiday where we can convince the public of the importance of receiving something from their significant other. And if they don't, the massive guilt trip that would result.

Brie-aenne: What did your hubby get you?

Gorgeous: Nothing.

Brie-aenne: (gasp)

And Rainbow Foods... I'm looking at you on this one. No other company advertising locally even comes close to touting this POS non-holiday than you do. Guess how much has been spent by me on this "day"? That's right... $0. Valentine's Day isn't far behind either.

Look, if you're a chocolate maker, card company, florist, etc, you're most likely in favor of this day. More dirty money in your pocket -- you couldn't make real sales by, oh, coming out with a commercial like "Our flowers are awesome, check em out!" or "Buy flowers today, just because" or "Surprise your wife with some flowers tonight".

And I argue that your wife will love flowers even more on the element of surprise instead of some cheap "holiday" telling you to buy them. It'll truly tell her you were thinking of HER when she sees them.

Imagine Microsoft or some computer company inventing a holiday called Robo Day. "Tell your computer/robot that you appreciate all the billions of calculations it has done for you in your lifetime by giving the gift of RAM." "Show your car that you love it with a fresh oil change."

Marketing morons... haven't you pulled enough from our pockets? Birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, Maternity, New Years ("Celebrate the new year with a gift of..."), Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Boss' Day, Admins Day, and now Sweetest Day. Every day is a day! There's more I left out, but you get the picture.

Sweetest Day... pshhh. No thanks. I'll continue to really celebrate my relationship on the day that matters most -- my anniversary.

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