04 Nov

Store this!

They just don't make them like they used to has never been so true, when you're talking about computer storage.

It's bad enough that I've been studying for my exam the last 2... decades (at least it seems like), but then a few weeks ago, I lost my fourth... yes, fourth external drive.

Meanwhile, I have only lost one internal drive in my life, and that was because of a bolt of lightning that blew out more than just the drive itself. I'm still working off internal drives that are from the early 2000s.

So why don't external drives last anymore, while their internal counterparts seem to last forever. It's basically the same drive, just placed in a different housing. The power hook-up is different I guess inside a computer than in the external drive (plugs into a computer power pack instead of the outlet), but that would seem about it.

Does an external drive draw electricity differently? Does it write to the drive differently (constant pulses of stop/start/stop/start) that basically work it over?

I mean, I'm at a point where I'm about ready to buy a computer tower that's fills my entire den and attach 3 different 1TB drives to it and see if they last. Screw external drives.

The biggest Gripe I've had is when I had all my information backed up from one drive onto the EXACT SAME DRIVE (brand/model/etc) which was stored in my computer drawer. I loaned it to my in-laws for storage for a brief period. Well, I lost the one drive, so I had to go to the in-laws to get it back. Theirs konked out as well. WTF?!

I repeat, my drive from 2001 is still fine and working. Even my server, which is being constantly used, is working from 2005, with no issues.

Meanwhile, I'm on my third external drive in 4 years.

I guess it's me.

(sorry, not much funny in this one. The Gripe was more for bad timing of both my drives going down at the same time I was studying. Oh, and the fact that I really REALLY want to know if there's something to the external drive failure rates, compared to storing it internally)

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