01 Mar

To plow or not to plow, that is the question

Yup, I got stuck just outside my driveway. Thankfully I got free in relatively short order.

As most of the locals know, we got a ton of rain, which then started to fall as ice, which then started to fall as snow. In the end, we had a fairly thick layer of ice sitting on top of the roads, followed by about 5-6" of snow. All this fell by about 4am.

So when some of my neighbors headed off to work, they got stuck. Stuck because their front-wheel-drive vehicles didn't have enough to overcome the slick road AND push through the nearly half foot of resistance.

Where were you, City of Ramsey plows? I know where Anoka County was.

A little background on how the plowing works up here. During a "snow event," there are two types of plows that clean the streets. One is a smaller plow which does the side streets, so that the residents have a path on which to drive. Then big-guns comes by to clear everything off the road (and lay down salt if necessary). The plows generally wait until after the snow is done falling before plowing (budget reasons).

But let's take a trip back in time. Allllll the way back to.... well, just this winter season. The plows have been out a whopping two times. Yes, two.......... in Minnesota........... surreal. It's been a quiet year to say the least. And now we're in March. Winter season is almost over.

There must be a bleep-load of money left in the budget for plowing. Combined with the terrorism that the meteorologists were projecting, would it really have been too much to think the following:

Gee, roads are going to be glazed, then snow covered. It's possible we could get 10 inches of snow, AND it's going to be a wet snow. We've got enough money in the budget to choke a camel, and we're almost done with winter anyway. Perhaps we can plow slightly earlier than the end of the snowfall, and if we happen to get a few more inches, oh well. Big guns will get it. And if we get significantly more (upper end of projections), then maybe we do a 2nd round of plowing.

I mean, everyone seems to complain about plowing at one time or another, but really, would it really have killed you to start the plowing a little earlier than normal for the sake of everyone's sanity?

And because of a lack of local plowing, there was a mound of snow to get through at the major highway (going slightly uphill, naturally) That was a real treat too. Thankfully I didn't get stuck, but you can't get any momentum going from 0mph (waiting for the traffic light to turn green OR waiting for a break in traffic, which never happens) and having to bash through a mound of snow on top of a slick road.

City of Ramsey plow grade: D-

(it would have been an F if we had received 12-18 inches of snow, as originally forecast, and there was no pre-plowing done)

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